keep your kids motivated to get fit & stay fit ...

What is KPT?

KPT is a unique new approach to physical activity that promotes fitness, safety, biomechanics, recreation, and good nutrition habits to children and adolescents. Exclusively offered through SHAPE, KPT offers a chance for kids from 6 to 16 to improve their physical fitness and learn about nutrition in programs overseen by Toronto’s leading conditioning specialists and nutritionists, tailored to the individual child or small group (limit 4 children).

Why KPT?

SHAPE recognizes the need to lead the way for the next generation to focus on their health and reverse the negative consequences of inactivity while still having fun! The next generation of youth is already regarded by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as being at increased risk for premature death and disability due to sedentary behavior. Their habits have been greatly influenced by the proliferation and convenience of multimedia and technology.

Furthermore, Statistics Canada has indicated estimates of childhood obesity were higher than that of adults. Risks of increased childhood inactivity can lead to future cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and Type II Diabetes.

Our Philosophy:

SHAPE's team of diverse and well-educated professionals are committed to reversing trends of childhood obesity and inactivity. All conditioning specialists have university degrees in a Fitness-Medical field, advanced training in personal training, First Aid, and are overseen by regulated health-care professionals. Kids should appreciate that physical activity should be habitual within their daily lives in conjunction with maintaining healthy dietary practices. SHAPE will instruct and play to achieve the sound, safe and entertaining promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle!

What to expect from KPT:

  • Learn fundamentals of basic movement patterns and stretching
  • Body weight exercises mixed with games and activities
  • Learn cooperative games and teamwork
  • Appreciate biomechanics of exercise integrated into a variety of sports
  • Variety of different sport specific training (specific sports can be addressed upon request) optimizing athletic performance and reducing the potential for injury through comprehensive program improving core strength and balance, increasing explosive power, and enhance agility and speed
  • Learn fundamentals of weight / resistance and circuit training
  • Know about safety and proper biomechanics while learning which muscle groups are utilized during each exercise
  • Enjoy exercise
  • Tailoring programs to each participant’s strengths and areas for development
  • Learn fundamentals of nutrition and develop healthy eating habits
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